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Global Blue Wave Inc.

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Is a company committed to taking action to reduce consumption of single-use plastic bags, as well as, educating the public about the impact caused by the use of these plastic bags in our environment.


  1. 1 million of single-use plastic bags are consumed and wasted worldwide, per minute.

  2. They take > 500 years to degrade.

  3. They pollute natural areas (beaches, oceans, forests, parks, etc.) and increase the size of landfills.

  4. They affect terrestrial and marine life.

Why do we sell reusable bags ?


Using our reusable bags reduces the use of single-use plastic bags and prevents environmental pollution. It's an easy way to make a big change.

“With Changes comes evolution”

"Jump on our Global Blue Wave and help reduce the pollution of our oceans and continents."

Because we have a serious environmental problem and we have a simple and easy solution